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Games for 3 months old babies

Games for 3 months old babies? The newborn is discovering the world and needs games that can strengthen his motor and sensory skills We offer you lots of ideas for buying games suitable for 3-month-old babies. At this age, the newborn begins to make the first attempts to bring his hands closer to objects that are in their field of vision or to grab his own hands trying to bring them to his mouth. For this, we recommend toys that encourage and facilitate visual and tactile exploration: light rattles, soft booklets, or musical toys.

Here are the best 3-month baby games chosen for you.

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  1. Baby musical ball

It is a soft and colorful electronic ball that reproduces the sounds of animals, stimulating children to recognize them. It is made with realistic sounds, contains many sound effects and sweet melodies. A game that simulates manual skills, coordination, reflexes, and space-time perception.

  1. Plush book A booklet with a teddy bear and five pages of activities. Children will discover something new on each page, such as a creaky page, a mirror, a teether, a cuckoo leaf, and soft accessories. The teddy bear is perfect for sweet cuddles at home or on the go. Contains a soft pocket to play "put on and take off" the koala-shaped teether.

  2. Rattle drum The rattle tambourine is super easy for the baby to grasp and has colorful drum rattles in bright colors. The back is curved so that it rotates and sways smoothly when the baby hits it. The rattle sound beads are contained behind the high-quality mirror.

  3. Easy Grab Apple A funny apple, the baby's first puppet: soft, light, and colorful, with plastic and fabric parts, great for encouraging first discoveries. Apple Grab Easy has been designed with 4 large handles, to facilitate an easy grip with both hands. Two handles are made of soft plastic, great for teething, and have sliding rings; the other 2 handles, like the bruschetta, is in fabric, to stimulate tactile abilities

  4. Baby Einstein musical toy It is a music player with seven classic tunes recreated specifically for the ears of the little ones. The large, easy-to-press buttons trigger quality reproduction of classical music masterpieces. When the melodies play, colored lights dance behind the screen and light up to the rhythm of each melody to help keep the child busy. The comfortable handle of the caterpillar makes it easy to grab.

  5. Musical carpet It is a carpet able to stimulate the baby's hearing: the music is activated when the baby touches certain points. Farm animals are drawn on it: when the child touches the figure of an animal, it makes a sound. It is a perfect educational tool capable of stimulating sight, touch and hearing.

  6. Maracas for babies These maracas are just the right size for a baby's little hands. The colored beads help keep the child engaged in the game. The beaded rattles create noise when shaken and contain a soft "pom-pom" on the opposite end. It is a toy that strengthens the baby's motor and sensory skills.

  7. Baby teether set It is a set of rattles in the shape of animals to massage the baby's gums. They are small and light, perfect for a baby's hands. They are useful for exercising the child's coordination and dexterity, and they also emit sounds that can stimulate hearing: fun is guaranteed.

  8. Montessori game: the gym - mobile A Montessori-style baby gym made of natural wood and ecological paint. It is easy to disassemble, assemble, easy to fold, you can hang toys for the baby and it can be disassembled to save space.

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