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How can I be sure that my relationship is bad?

These 21 main causes lead to the loss of your marriage. As I said, problems don't happen overnight. Negative situations accumulate for a while, before exploding.

And when it all blows up, you are going to notice the following signs. Indeed, if you spot these 13 behaviors within your romantic relationship, well these are the signs that prove that a couple is going badly. And then you know it's time to act.

  1. You argue all the time My relationship is bad because the tensions are omnipresent.

When the conflict is incessant, to the point that there are very few minutes of calm, take it seriously. Arguing for the sake of arguing, or not arguing fairly, are two signs that battles have grown enough to merit tackling them.

  1. Or, you ignore yourself completely Some couples are so exhausted from the arguments that they just quit, but that doesn't mean all is well - far from it. In this case, they often stop sharing things with each other and do not have a chance to bring up any disagreement, because they know they are in danger of losing control.
  2. You've lost the habit of sharing the good news I know that my relationship is bad because I am no longer happy to share my experiences with him. Normally in the starting love couples, they love to chat when they are not close and send cool messages with fonts but slowly everything stops. When all the good personal news seems irrelevant to your relationship as a whole, or when you feel like your partner doesn't know you well enough or even cares about what's going on in your life for you to it's worth talking about, it's a sign that things aren't going well between you two.
  3. You must constantly apologize for who you are Being able to be yourself, authentically, and being not only accepted but loved for it, is one of the great gifts of a supportive relationship. In the absence of this, it may be time to reassess and examine your true level of compatibility. So you should start saying sorry but you can’t start with it just start by sharing I am sorry images by Whatsapp. It will get you some confidence.
  4. “My relationship is bad because we can't find the cause of the problem” It is especially difficult to start working on a problem when there is complete disagreement about the nature of the problem. But it's not insurmountable, as professional help can usually help pinpoint the root of the problems.
  5. You increasingly justify staying in the relationship with external factors. Looking for an excuse to stay in a relationship is one of the signs that a couple is going badly. There are many tempting reasons to stay in a dysfunctional relationship: financial security, avoiding temporarily disrupting children's lives, etc.
  6. You use superficial politeness Much like the complete absence of an argument, a completely detached and superficial politeness is often a sign that both partners have retired. If your partner feels more like a roommate or acquaintance than someone with whom you have a high level of emotional intimacy, there is a substantial problem.
  7. You feel like you are a different person than your partner thinks you are. My relationship is bad because my man does not understand who I am. The subtle distortions of your identity can accumulate over time. And if you've gotten to the point where your partner can reasonably say, “I don't even know who you are anymore,” that's a sign to take seriously.
  8. You make excuses not to spend time together If you dread spending time with your partner so much that you prefer to do most other things, this should raise questions.
  9. You don't laugh together like you used to Sharing a sense of humor and laughing together can be an important part of a relationship. It creates bonds, allows you to enjoy each other's company, brings joy, and helps ease the difficulties in life. If you notice that he is going away, this is one of the signs that a couple is going badly.
  10. One of the signs that a couple is going badly is wondering about the future. My relationship is bad because we can no longer imagine each other in the future. Romantic partners never need to have a future set out, and in fact, being too rigid about what the future “should” look like can make it difficult to adjust if things don't go as planned. That said, if you have serious doubts about your ability to envision a life with this person - or if you feel like it - it's important to take them seriously.
  11. Resentment keeps growing and you refuse to fix it Resentment doesn't have to kill a relationship, but if you don't want to work on alleviating that resentment, it most definitely can. “I must save my marriage” then becomes an urgent situation.
  12. You take pleasure in avenging yourself, or in hurting others We hurt each other a lot so my relationship is bad ... Just like not wanting to let go of resentment, wanting revenge can poison a relationship from the inside out. The desire for revenge, while a natural instinct, works against the collaboration, empathy, and rebuilding of trust that are required to get back on a healthy path.

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