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7 Stylish Boho Dresses for Spring and Summer

Since the hippie years of the early 1960s and especially since the late 70s, boho dresses have been a perennial favorite of free spirited women looking for a style that screams hip and new age. Whether you are shopping for sexy dresses with crochet detail, red paisley tassels, fringed tasseled designs, bell sleeves, or just plain frilly cuts, Lulu is where to find today's newest boho fashions in full length to miniskirts in all shapes and sizes. If you love the look but also like the comfort of clothing made from vintage materials, Lulu has a lovely line of separates called Vintage Clothing. It offers a wide variety of beautiful dresses that range from the vintage bell sleeve to the ultra feminine maxi dress.

The great thing about the vintage Boho Dresses and separates line is how adaptable they are. For example, if your summer outfit calls for a bright floral print dress, pick one in an pastel hue. The same goes if you have a more formal occasion to attend, such as a night out on the town - you can easily turn to the boho skirt and sandals combination. There are so many ways to use the sandals and the skirts in your wardrobe. A chunky clutch or big shoes will give your ensemble a splash of color.

You don't have to be a hippie to wear the hippie chic of Lulu. The boho dresses in the Vintage Clothing line come in very chic and cool patterns that are reminiscent of the most popular hippie fashions from decades ago, yet surprisingly contemporary today. A great example would be the "Lulu" tee shirt dress, available in teal and pink colors. The cool chunky straps and oversized flower-styled collar are perfect for this trendy look.

Comfortable & Flairy: No matter what the occasion might be, you can always find a stylish and chic Boho dress that will make you look good. The flowy bohemian dresses feature perfectly fitted bodices with the right amount of stretch in the neckline for comfort and a comfortable fit. The empire waistlines are perfect for slimming down a bit. The vintage clothing line also includes halter dresses and bolero jackets which provide a warm and sophisticated feel when paired with the right accessories.

Easy Going Fabric Choices: Boho dresses are made from the softest, most delicate fabrics with a charming flare. You can find them in every color from red to green to black and everything in between. Because they are so adorable, they are great accessories to any outfit. Choose one with an embroidered motif or a sequined brooch for a more sophisticated look. A vintage inspired designer outfit is a perfect match with cute boho dresses.

Great for a Beach Trip: Beach goers love wearing floral boho style dresses because they are easy on the beach. They are lightweight and comfortable, making them perfect for the sandy beaches of the summer months. The dresses come in a variety of colors including baby pink, lime green, coral blue. When paired with sandals and a sunhat, you're ready for any fun and laid back vacation.

Versatile, Funky and Chic Boho Dresses for Every Occasion: You can never go wrong with a cute boho style dress. You can wear them to work with jeans and a t-shirt, to the club with an elegant skirt and cocktail dress, to a casual gathering with your friends or even to a party with your partner. The versatility of these dresses make them a must have for every woman's wardrobe! When paired with a simple pair of heels or wedges, you're ready to take on any occasion.

Embroidered Boho Dresses: You can get a great looking boho dress by getting it embroidered. This is a great option for a dress that doesn't need much work or maintenance, such as a baby doll dress. You can choose between different colors, depending on what suits your style best. Some popular designs include monochromatic embroidery, hand-sewn embroidery, beads, crochet and many others.

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