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Features Of The Ocm To PST Conversion Tool

If you are looking for a way to get your old messages converted to PST then the best solution is to go for the Olm to PST converter. This software allows a person to convert all things from Microsoft Outlook email, calendar, emails, contact books, tasks, notes, to Outlook PST file containing only messages. If you need to export your old emails from MAC Outlook using a Windows Outlook then you can simply go for the software, Aryson olm to pst converter which is safe, reliable and helps you immensely for converting... You just need to download the software from the internet, install it on your system and then it is pretty much done.

The main advantage of utilizing this Ocm conversion tool is that it can be utilized not only for importing or exporting messages but also for converting files from other office products like Word, Excel, Power Point etc. It can be used to share documents with anyone at any time of the day. This tool supports most of the formats such as gif, tif, pdf, wma, html, wpd, PPT and other Office 365 file formats. The converter can even be used to create a virtual whiteboard in any software platform.

It is really very easy to use the Ocm to PST conversion process and you do not have to be an expert in computer to complete this task. Even a person who knows nothing about computers can complete this conversion because the instructions are easily laid out on the web site. A person just needs to follow the steps as instructed and in seconds he will have a file containing all the information he needs to import or export the data from his email in Microsoft Outlook. The process is very simple and a person does not have to be worried about anything once he starts using it. The program works on the basis of a virtual interface which means that a user can access all the functions from the main menu which makes it very easy for him to accomplish tasks.

Using Ocm to PST converter is also very easy because the tool enables a user to select the files that he wants to import or export, the dates that he wants to date the message and much more. This also allows users to make the necessary modifications to the data items so that they suit to the requirements of the application he is using. The tool is also capable of automatically renaming item so that the resulting file formats will be compatible to the outlook applications. In this way, you can convert various message files or PowerPoint presentations to mbox to pst converter format in the easiest way possible.

In the event of a data loss, the Ocm to PST tool enables a user to create a new Ocm to PST folder and importing the message or presentation files from the backup folder. The tool has also a restore option which allows a user to revert to the previous versions of the files that were backed up during the conversion process. The only thing required from you is patience in performing the task as it may take several hours or even a day for the conversion process to finish. If you are planning to perform this process regularly then you should be prepared to spend few hours every day so that you can perform the tasks without any break in your day schedule. This is because the tool will perform the task automatically after every conversion process.

The Ocm to PST conversion tool also allows the users to select the users they want to use with the software and also merge the messages in the database for better organization. The application also enables the users to set the permissions for the mailbox, the user names and the groups to be synchronized during the migration process. The application provides a comprehensive help center with step by step instructions and FAQs that enables the users to perform the tasks easily without any issues. You can also find detailed information about the upgrades that are available with the application and learn how you can secure your mails and other items from various threats such as viruses and spyware to ensure their safety and integrity.

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