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How to Secure Your Gmail Data and Account?

"Gmail" provided by Google is famous as the most popular cloud-based email service in the world. As a service for business use, there is "Google Workspace" provided by the company, but there are many companies that use Gmail for business use ..

Google Mail is a great email service, but it carries the risk of causing a security accident if used improperly . " Gmail is a great email service, but it carries the risk of causing a security accident if used improperly." ..

Gmail can also work with other services from the company, as well as third-party apps and sites. In the unlikely event that Gmail is allowed unauthorized access, it may affect other sites and services.

In order to prevent such a situation, it is necessary to thoroughly implement Gmail security measures such as setting the two-step verification function, thorough password management, and security diagnosis . However, you can also backup Gmail emails to computer using Google Takeout as a backup plan.

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Gmail security measures

Gmail is a service provided by Google, the world's leading American IT company, and has strong security implemented by default. You can get high security by setting a complicated password and enabling the 2-step verification function. It is also important to carry out regular security checks and manage accounts and passwords thoroughly.

Use of 2-step verification function

"Two-step verification function" is a mechanism to strengthen the security of your account. Normal login requires only a username and password, but two-step verification requires you to enter the code sent by Google to your mobile device in addition to the password . Setting up two-step verification increases the amount of information required for login and complicates it, so with a method like Brute Force that brute force all combinations of character strings, you can log in even if you illegally obtain a password. You can not ..

Here's how to enable 2-step verification on your Google account.

Open your Google account. Select Security in the navigation panel. If you have not yet verified your identity at this point, you will need to verify your identity. Under Google Login, select Two-step verification> Try it out. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the procedure. Use of security diagnosis function One of the services provided by Google is "Google Security Diagnostics". This is a service that checks your Google account for security issues. If you're having trouble, you'll be notified to your Gmail address or the email address you've registered for resetting.

Let's check the five main items here.

Your device

The devices associated with your account are displayed. If you have a device that has not been used for a long time, you will be prompted to remove it for safety.

Login and reset

Manages how to verify your identity. It is possible to improve security by registering a phone number and e-mail address for resetting.

Recent security events You can view the history of recently executed security events. For example, accessing your account from a new device will be displayed here.

Third party access

You'll see external apps and sites that you're allowed to access your account. If an app or site you don't know is allowed, you can remove the access right.

Download mailbox folders

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Be sure to check these features as they will notify you of problems and encourage you to improve them according to your usage.

Strict management of business email accounts

Many companies use Gmail in the business scene because of its convenience. However, if the Gmail account used for business is illegally accessed, there is a risk that trade secrets, employee personal information, and even customer information may be leaked. Therefore, let's strengthen security by strictly managing business email accounts.

As a concrete measure, it is important not to leak your business Gmail account to the outside. If the account itself is not known, the chances of unauthorized access can be minimized. Be sure to separate your private account from your business account. It's also useful to use your own domain to keep the recipient from knowing you're using Gmail.

It is also important to use the security diagnostic machine function to regularly check for signs of unauthorized use. If you notice any abnormalities in your activity, you need to take measures such as changing your password or deleting your account.

It is also possible to disable only specific services on the Google account management screen. Let's set not to use Gmail with the account where the abnormality was found.

Thorough password management

Thorough password management is the most important and basic security issue. A simple and effective method is to change your password regularly. If you continue to use the same password, your security risk will increase dramatically.

Also, passwords that can be inferred from personal information such as your name, birthday, company name and phone number are strictly prohibited. Of course, avoid reusing the same password on your passbook, credit card, mobile phone or computer. Passwords are basically strong enough to be complicated by combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and so on. Use a string that has no meaning as a word as much as possible, and the longer the number of characters, the more powerful it is.

There are two main ways to manage passwords. Management with paper media and management with digital data.

Management on paper media has the advantage that it will not be lost even if the computer or data file is damaged, but it has the disadvantage of reduced visibility due to loss or deterioration of the paper. There is also the risk of being stolen.

On the contrary, when managing with digital data, there is an advantage that the data can be stored semi-permanently. However, since there is a risk of data loss due to damage to the computer, it is safer to store it in a distributed manner on the HDD or cloud.


It is no exaggeration to say that Google Mail is the most famous mail service in the world, and its security is also very strong. However, since the user side arbitrarily sets the strong password setting and the two-step verification function, the security awareness of the user side is questioned. When using Gmail for business, advanced security measures are indispensable. Please refer to the method introduced in this article.

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