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With the advancement of technology, more people than ever before are looking for options to work from home. Some sectors that have traditionally had no remote work choices now have the option of allowing employees to work from home. One of these fields is healthcare. Healthcare organizations are embracing remote work and are increasingly benefiting from technology which allows workers to do their job from any location. Telehealth is an online network of nurses who provide care remotely to accommodate those who cannot make clinical visits in-person. In today’s global health climate, Telehealth has become widely popular. According to a survey, Telehealth consumers increased by 65% in 2020 compared to the year before. That number has remained fairly stable since then even though some facilities are now open to in-person visits. Many hospitals and clinics are taking advantage of this service, which is allowing nurses to opt for remote work.

Online nursing is a stable choice for nurses who want to help patients but don't want to be involved in the physically taxing aspect of the job such as running around the hospital, minimum 12-hour shifts, and being exposed to health conditions patients may be spreading. Nurses and other healthcare professionals can give care from the comfort of their own homes using cell phones, webcams, and other technology. For many current and aspiring work-from-home nurses, there are plenty of remote nursing jobs that are available. However, if you want to be a remote nurse but don’t want to necessarily do telehealth, there are different positions available for those who have a background in nursing. Here are the top 5 remote work career options that you can explore as a nurse:

1. Clinical Appeals Nurse

Clinical appeals nurses conduct appeals and review denied insurance claims. They’re the frontline defense for patients who are appealing to insurance companies for rejected claims. Their day to day work consists of looking at medical code data and records to see if the refusal was justified. If they believe the patient’s medical bill should be picked up by the insurance company, then they must file sufficient documentation to prove insurance wrong. It is the most sought out career for nurses who wish to work remotely. Clinical appeals nurses earn an average salary of $108k annually in California.

2. Telephone Triage Nurse (a.k.a Telehealth nurses)

Telehealth nurses are also known as telephone triage nurses. Historically, back when people couldn’t Google remedies for little things, telephone triage nurses would offer advice and care over the phone in cases of small emergencies. If they deemed necessary, they would encourage people to consult a doctor. In modern times, they can help patients with a lot more ease since they aren’t confined to phone calls. Now, they are able to see patients through video calls and provide more accurate care. Through online networks, they can even prescribe medication by sending an order directly to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. Telehealth nurses currently have an average salary of $85k annually, but are projected to make more over the next few years due to the increasing demand for their services.

3. Health Informatics

Think of a superhuman that is a nursing and IT expert. Health Informatics gather, store, and analyze the large amounts of data that is generated with patient intake, patient care, and the aftermath of a patient’s visit. With the help of medical coding, these particular health professionals categorize and document data as a major part of their job. Since computers, software, spreadsheets (and lots of coffee!) are the only tools needed to do this job, it can be done completely remotely and you can earn an average of $84k annually as a health informatic in California.

4. Nursing Educator

Nursing educators and instructors teach nursing courses to students who aspire to become nurses. They help students prepare for tests, evaluate their potential as a real life nurse, mentor some students during clinical rotations (part of the nursing curriculum that offers hands-on experience) and help them with their academic struggles and needs. Although this job isn’t always remote, online nursing schools and courses are becoming more and more popular and accessible. Nursing teachers that teach online can prepare for courses by building curriculum, have online office hours, run Q&A chat rooms, help with assignments and projects via email, prepare lecture slides and videos, and much more. With the correct technology, online nurse educators can hold classes or operate their programs entirely from the comfort of their homes. You can earn an average of $72k annually in California as a nursing educator.

5. Virtual Nursing Recruiter

This particular job requires a lot of knowledge about the healthcare industry but absolutely no patient facing work. It is perfect for individuals who have degrees in hospital administration, biology or nursing. Recruiters find and screen individuals for a variety of roles in a variety of settings. Nurse recruiters work closely with candidates by preparing them for their possible roles in hospitals and clinical facilities. They provide an insight on day to day responsibilities and an elaborate breakdown of the medical background nurses are expected to have in the specific environment they are hoping to work in. If this position sounds like something you’d want to do, you can earn $70k annually on average in California. All you need is a computer and a phone for this job!

As you can see in the graph above, in the past 40 years healthcare jobs have been on a constant rise while all other job growth have plateaued over the years. Especially with the pandemic and new variants appearing every quarter, nurses and individuals with nursing degrees are at an all-time high demand. Healthcare may be a challenging industry to work in due to the current global climate, but your skills can be put to good use through a remote job. If you’ve had an interest in nursing but aren’t sure what to do, explore the list above and see what piques your interest. Then, head over to Gigzio to find the perfect remote job for yourself!

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