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New Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Device

Reflexonic, a leading medical device developer with a speciality in urology, have gained FDA clearance for a landmark new product for erectile dysfunction to be launched in the USA – with a worldwide roll-out soon to follow.

The device, called ‘Viberect’, is designed for use in men with mild symptoms of erectile dysfunction, who are unable to sustain an erection the duration of sexual activity. Viberect targets the penile nerves that lead to an erection, penile rigidity and successful ejaculation. Erectile Dysfunction – New Device Could Be Available In Two Years

The new product has been developed rigorously and put through initial testing for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, where it has been proven to work to help the condition. Now, with the support of medical consultants Emergo Group, Reflexonic are set to bring their unique product to market within the next 12 to 24 months.

“Emergo Group provided us with the support and expertise we required,” says Dr Kambiz Tajikarimi, Founder and President of Reflexonic. “We are now set to begin marketing the first hand-held, non-pharmaceutical device to provoke natural penile erection and ejaculation in the US.”

Whilst the long-term effectiveness of this new product is yet to be revealed, it is a welcome addition to the range of possible erectile dysfunction treatments available to the many sufferers worldwide. Click for a run down of the most popular forms of erectile dysfunction treatment. Learn more about treatment in further articles Erectile Dysfunction Causes - How To Find The Right Treatment For You and Erective Dysfunction Treatment - How to Enjoy Sex Again. Erectile Dysfunction – Which Treatment Is Best?

There are a number of treatments already available for this difficult condition, including Cenforce and Vidalista and Fildena. However, with the introduction of new alternatives, men have even more choice of how to reclaim their sex lives and rid themselves of erectile dysfunction.

What do you think about the possibility of a medicine-free erectile dysfunction treatment? Have you any success stories to share of other, more readily available medications? Get involved in the conversation by posting a comment below.

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